From pop to paleontology

Christian Autzen is a German painter with a studio in Hamburg.

Born in Heidelberg, southern Germany, and raised in Hamburg, northern Germany, Christian Autzen experienced many artistic influences from his parents' home such as art classes, museums and exhibitions. “I was torn between studying biology or art. In the end I decided on a commercial art and worked for a long time in the field of art direction and editorial design.“
After a long period of abstinence, he resumed painting in recent years and has since devoted himself primarily to large-scale portrait works. In the process, he deals with the themes of pop culture as well as with the interest in paleontology and combines his passions as an independent artist since 2022.

“I always seek for an eye-catching moment in my paintings from which I try to bring out the specific. At the beginning there is the content and visual idea, which develops into a whole over time, first in my head, later on the canvas.
I work in series that build on each other. Each series is a new step in development – a steady evolution.“



1992-1996 Kunstschule Alsterdamm - School of Visual Arts, Hamburg, Germany, among others in the painting class of Lothar Walter, graduation with Diploma Graphic Design