Christian Autzen                                   

Born in 1970 in Heidelberg, Germany

Resides and works in Hamburg, Germany


Christian Autzen, born in Heidelberg, Germany in 1970, is a contemporary portrait painter currently based in Hamburg, Germany. His chosen artistic discipline involves acrylic painting on canvas, enriched with gilding, and he is widely recognized for his distinctive approach. Autzen is best known for his figurative and expressive visual language, which seamlessly integrates elements of color abstraction. His artistry is marked by the substantial scale of his works, and his meticulous attention to detail further enhances the emotive power of his creations.

His oeuvre revolves around the exploration of pop culture themes, with a particular emphasis on close-up portraits. 
Christian Autzen's work is characterized by an fascinating contrast of figurative and expressive elements, combined with 
a profound conceptual basis. This unique fusion of styles results in artworks that are not only visually striking but also intellectually engaging. Autzen's deliberate choice of scale and the meticulous selection of details serve to intensify the emotional impact of his pieces, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in his thought-provoking narratives.

Christian Autzen's artistic career has been accompanied by exhibitions and participations all over the world. His works 
have been shown at prestigious venues in Berlin, Paris and New York. In 2023, he showcased his talent at the prestigious Hamptons Fine Art Fair in New York, USA, underpinning his status with an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and a portfolio that plumbs the depths of pop culture.


Education and training

1992-1996: Diploma in graphic design, Kunstschule Alsterdamm / School of Visual Arts, among others in the class of Lothar Walter, Hamburg, Germany
1985-1991: Various art courses and classes, including thematic studies of Paul Klee and Gustav Klimt


Artist's statement

"My ambition is that I can give back to all the icons that have meant so much to me in my life and keep the memory of these great personalities alive - in a private and up-close moment, away from the styled glamour world."



2023, November 20–27: Solo Exhibition “Immortal Women“, 515 Madison Avenue, 10022 New York
2023, October 19–25: Group Exhibition, 515 Madison Avenue, 10022 New York
2023, July 13–16: Hamptons Fine Art Fair, Southampton, N. Y.
2023, July 7–14: Group Exhibition, 47 Rue Chapon, 75003 Paris
2023: May 26 – June 9: Opening, 47 Rue Chapon, 75003 Paris
2023: May 12–26: Solo Exhibition “Portraits“, 47 Rue Chapon, 75003 Paris
2023: February 23 – March 4: Group Exhibition “Andy Warhol in me“, Haze Gallery, Berlin



2024: June 29 – July 27: Group Exhibition, Hamburg


Email: Christian Autzen
Instagram: #christianautzen