Sonia Bergianti Bartoux

Chère Sonia Bergianti Bartoux,
chère équipe des Galerie Bartoux Sainte Catherine,

My name is Christian Autzen and I am a painter from Hamburg, Germany.
I have long admired the quality of the exhibitions and the growth of the Galeries Bartoux, now even in London and New York!

I would like to offer you a few paintings from my GODS & GODDESSES series, which features famous faces from French and British pop culture,
and I can imagine that this collection of celebrities will be of interest to the tourist walk-in clientele.

All the paintings are large eye-catchers measuring 210 x 85 cm; acrylic technique with accents of genuine gold leaf, rose gold or palladium, including shadow gap frames and hooks - ready to hang.

If you like the series, I would be very pleased if we could get in touch.

Bien à vous de Hambourg
Christian Autzen
Hambourg, le 25 mars 2024


Download: FRENCH CONNECTION, C. Autzen 2024 (ca. 1 MB)
Contact: Christian Autzen